indbro coloured broilers

TASTY AND HEALTHY CHICKENPresent day White Broiler is being slaughtered at earlier age every year. The meat is much tender and the water holding capacity of the large chunk of Breast meat is much lower. The meat is found to be too tender and lack in taste. Indbro Coloured Broiler is a slow growing multi coloured Broiler. These Birds can be reared under open housing conditions with lower inputs. National Research Center for Meat (An ISO2008 ICAR organization) has conducted a comparison of the meat of Indbro Coloured Broiler with that of fast growing White Broilers. With better water holding capacity, the meat of the slow growing Indbro Coloured Broiler is found to be distinctly tastier. The Fatty acid profiles and chemical analysis of the meat showed that the slow growing chicken is healthier also.

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