rainbow rooster

Low Technology input, Multicolored and Dual purpose birds  suitable for Back yard farming: The Company got Venture capital funding from the Ministry of Agriculture through NABARD to set up a breeding program to breed “Low Input Birds” in 2005. The company has successfully developed a breed cross which is Dual purpose & multicolored, capable of sustaining the backyard rearing conditions. Technology Development Board, Government of India funded the company for commercializing this product named “Rainbow Rooster.” The company has it’s own parent stocks and markets the Hatching eggs & Day old chicks throughout the country. The parent stocks are exported to East African countries. State Governments distribute partly grown up and vaccinated birds to Low income families under National Livelihood Mission, a Government of India Initiative to provide additional income to the poor families and also provide Nutrition security in the Rural areas by augmenting Chicken and egg production. The company meets the demand  for partly grown up birds for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh directly. Some of the states like Bihar (Jeevika) and Uttar Pradesh take day old chicks and entrust the growing and vaccination jobs to local “Mother Units”.

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